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The SUPPORTER JOURNEY is designed to empower fundraising teams to succeed with tools for every part of the supporter journey.  Build deeper relationships, inspire and cultivate passion in your supporters to become donors, advocates and fundraisers.


Start with an outstanding supporter experience. From leads to opportunities, use the unified platform to nurture new relationships.




Generate leads through engaging campaign landing pages, quizzes, surveys and custom content and import and track leads from different sources.


Nurture leads with automated marketing journeys and record linkages, interest and ability to determine the best prospects from your leads.


Qualify prospective donors, members and participants using supporter engagement pipelines that maximise conversion opportunities.

Make every opportunity count. From beautiful donation pages to automated reconciliation, use the unified platform to provide seamless supporter acquisition.





Offer the right opportunity every time with flexible product and offer setup and presentation of donations, registrations, tickets, merchandise and more.


Allow supporters to complete once-only and recurring transactions simply and securely, while tracking sources, measuring effectiveness and eliminating errors.


Receive and reconcile funds and deliver digital and physical products and offers with ease. Use your own resources or integrate with your suppliers.

Go beyond service! Exceed supporter expectations by cultivating commitments and mobilising passion.






Provide seamless customer care and 24/7 self-service with a complete view of customer transactions, communications, enquiries and interactions.


Use data-driven insights and real-time segmentation of supporters to help cultivate passion and advance commitments to your cause.


Turn supporter passion into advocacy and action using community-building tools for local small groups and global movements.

Reap the benefits of being prepared! Know about, understand and respond to regular- giving changes in real time.





Be ahead of the game with visibility of which regular giving and membership commitments require proactive intervention.


Save commitments with automated supporter engagement tools and smart escalation pipelines configured for delivering results.


Don’t let lapsed giving be the end of relationship. Re-engage past supporters with targeted content and automated journeys.


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