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Your complete supporter engagement experience through one unified platform. Manage data, communications, fundraising, events, website and more with’s Supporter Engagement Platform.

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Nonprofits are the driving force for a better world and is the driving force for nonprofit success, delivering a complete supporter engagement experience through a simple unified platform. makes it simple for you to build deeper relationships, save time with automated finance and communications processes, create your best-ever event, and achieve your fundraising goals.

Give your donors, advocates, participants and volunteers the best experience at each touch point with

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A unified platform to maximise supporter engagement






Maximise your fundraising efforts using’s one-off and recurring donations tools and templates for simple and engaging campaign development. Plus, power up your crowd funding capabilities for even further reach.

Template webpages and EDM shells save you time and help to generate a uniform campaign that really stands out.  Make it simple for people to support your cause with quick and easy donation forms.  Process it fast, thank and report back all through the same platform.  Supporters will be impressed with your level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Participants and advocates can make a big difference for your cause, setting up their own individual or group fundraising pages, promoting it through their social networks and keeping on track with checklists and goals delivered through automated emails and system tasks.

A range of widgets can be used to create visual representations of progress towards a campaign goal. While custom leaderboards can be generated for use on external websites via a public facing API.


Engage and inform your advocates and grow your community.

When you are creating a movement it’s important to keep your supporters up to date with instant information and to connect your passionate followers together. gives you the ability to create Chapters and Groups, and assign the right staff to manage each one.

Send out a petition or notification and get real-time responses, or let your community know about an event coming up in their area. It’s all about building relationships, and knowing what is important to your constituents.


Get bums on seats, shoes on the pavement, and sold out tickets with’s Event module.

From sign up to pre-event communications, on the day check-ins to post event acknowledgements, manages it all.

You can instantly access live participant lists, issue tickets, and process registrations, payments or fees through

Allocate bib and wave numbers for participants, allowing them to make a single or group registration. Increase your revenue by adding custom merchandise, and product bundles to your registration checkout.


Treat your members like VIP’s with exclusive website access, member-only deals and information and simple renewal processes with

Create automatic member lifecycle communications to welcome, suggest upgrades, inform of upcoming expiry and advise of renewal options and offers.

Set membership levels including trial memberships with the aim of upgrading supporters. The intuitive membership upgrade and downgrade system means the customer won’t get over or under charged when changing their membership status mid-term.

Manage automatic renewals and grace periods following membership expiry. is all about making your membership offering seamless.

FACT: You only need one platform for outstanding supporter engagement

360° Supporter Experience

Omnichannel Marketing

Website Management


360° Supporter Experience

Develop deeper relationships with a comprehensive view of each supporter’s interactions with your organisation through

Consistent and personalised multi-channel experiences, targeted marketing, and a complete staff view allows for the best service delivery to your valued supporters.

Accept donations, receipt, thank and report all from the same platform, making all interaction succinct and professional.

Automatic payment set up allows you to process regular and recurring donations automatically reducing hassle and workload. Automatic annual receipting makes end of financial year simple.

360 degree supporter experience

Seamless Omnichannel Marketing

Express the heart of your organisation with seamless omnichannel marketing and communications.

Create beautiful customised email, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns with integrated tracking of all donor touch points.

Put your strategy to work with targeted, lifecycle specific fundraising and advertising campaigns.

Pre-plan supporter journeys to respond following a particular action or at designated times, creating time efficiency, while making the experience relevant to each supporter. can manage single email sends and bulk emails sends up to one million recipients at a time.

Website Management

Update your website content, construct impacting campaign pages and view instant analytics within the platform.

Building a custom responsive design website has never been so simple, with page templates for easy set up, and revision histories that allow you to revert back to a previous version at the click of a button. You can’t go wrong!

Inbuilt search engine optimisation ensures your website will be noticed, and complete visibility analytics and tracking gives you intelligence on visitation numbers, referral sources and popular content.

Create live content using rich text, HTML, images, custom forms, galleries and widgets. The platform applies consistent design and layout throughout website, transactional pages and customer self-service sections.

Manage multiple websites for your state branches, multiple event sites, or chapters within your organisation. Generate more campaign hype by adding your live social media feed.


Maximise your fundraising efforts using’s crowd funding capabilities and templates for simple and engaging campaign development.

Create portal and personalised pages where your supporters and members can select a password, update contact and payment details, view upcoming and historic transactions and sponsorships.

Release the latest insider information and special ticket and merchandise offers. Content can be tailored to suit each individual.

Self-service also allows constituents to log in to make a donation or payment and download their latest receipt or annual tax summary.

Time-saving tools to focus on data-driven strategy

Reporting & Analytics

Workflow Automation



Reporting & Analytics

Build dynamic reports in minutes with all your data hosted within

Track your campaign as it happens with instant statistics on open and click-through rates, donations, bounced emails and much more.

View reports on registrations, donations or revenue raised based on the channel, referral source, or method, right down to the specific donor.

Tax-time is also made simple with’s automated annual statement processes.

Reporting dashboard

Workflow Automation

Our unified platform streamlines your organisation’s workflows for managing supporters, content, commerce, and communications.

Workflow automation processes allow you to create organisation-wide efficiencies, saving your team time, and ensuring you can focus on the things that really matter – building stronger supporter relationships and creating data-driven strategy.

Set relationship management and work pipeline reminders and next steps to ensure you keep on top of your goals.

Create tailored supporter journeys for all marketing communications, and schedule content for release and archive.

Set up dashboard reporting to view the latest campaign analytics in an instant.


Finally, there’s a unified platform solution for content, communication, data and commerce.

Accept a donation, process, receipt and thank all from a single platform, that’s It not only creates a simple process for your team, it creates an efficient and impressive experience for your supporters.

Do away with lengthy tax-time receipting processes. can reconcile and generate receipts for donations and purchases made to several funds throughout the year. integrates with your accounting programs, and provides real time reconciliation, making it easy for your accounts team.


Now there is a unified platform to manage all your fundraising, marketing, commerce, events and website.

We created because we were tired of working with platforms that needed to integrate with multiple 3rd party programs.

Many of our clients have changed to to enjoy the simplicity of being able to do it all in one platform.

The benefits are vast! Time saved, less complication, no need to transfer data from one program to the other, and consolidated reporting in an instant.

However, if you need to integrate with a 3rd party accounting package or other software, can pass data back and forward either through API’s or EDI workflows. We can make it happen!

Maximise the benefits of the platform

Personalised Consultation

Customised Design

Product Optimisation

Training & Support

Personalised Consultation

The team at has decades of non-profit knowledge, and this industry expertise is right at your fingertips.

A consultation session will assist you to make the most of the supporter engagement platform. We can assist with direction on data-modelling, campaign management, international expansion and multi-brand and multi-site management.

We understand each organisation is unique and that the pathway to your goals must include a tailored approach. We will work with you to create a pathway to success, and to maximise your knowledge and use of the platform to achieve this.

Customised Design & Implementation

Our four-step process determines your customised design needs and implements your new platform with efficiency and accuracy.

We start by defining your needs, wants and timelines to ensure the platform we deliver adds value and optimal benefit to your organisation and ultimately your supporters.

We then work on a tailored platform design that is customised to your budget, and meets your organisation priorities.

Our team of engineers and software experts develop your customised platform.

The final step is to implement your platform into your day-to-day operations, completing final testing, transferring all historic data, training users, and assisting your team to make a seamless transition to

Product Optimisation

A big difference is that we apply all updates across our platform, so you benefit from regular enhancements to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

We live in an evolving society, especially when it comes to technology, so the team is always working on ways to apply new best practice principles, and the latest in technology to our platform.

Product update notifications will keep you informed of updates to your tailored platform and how to make use of these within your organisation.

Create live content using rich text, HTML, images, custom forms, galleries and widgets. The platform applies consistent design and layout throughout website, transactional pages and customer self-service sections.

You can also stay advised of updates and services that are available as part of platform upgrades.

Training and Ongoing Support

Take advantage of expert advice, best practice models, practical training and proactive maintenance to make the most of your solution.

Our tiered maintenance options let you choose the help you need to maximise the benefits of your customised supporter engagement platform.

We proactively monitor our software, servers and security to ensure and enhance performance, effectiveness and the safety of your data. It takes the stress off you!

Get support when you need it. Whether you have how-to questions, technical issues, or need advanced training, we give you fast, expert answers. Our Care module also provides you with 24/7 tips on using the platform and applying best practice to all that you do.

Extend your team by engaging our expertise in managing your solution. We can assist in content publishing, commerce management, campaign development and much more.

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